If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you have a decent internet connection, basic awareness of COVID-19 and a smart device. During the ongoing lock-down due to COVID-19 outbreak, you are able to access the basic necessities, albeit with some struggle. Yet there are people, not too far away, who are struggling for survival and shelter,


  • Migrant laborers stranded on the streets, waiting to reach home
  • Families in remote villages dependent on daily wages
  • Individuals and families in urban slums who lost their incomes

We do not know of this through media or hearsay. We know because our work with several credible organizations. Some are at the front line, handling labor helpline , some others in remotest locations of the country, where if the virus reaches, there are no ventilators for several hundred miles.

Each life is precious. We are striving to cover this last mile and support through direct cash benefit of:

Rs. 1,000 per migrant laborer so that he/she can meet his/her immediate needs.
Rs. 5000 per family (urban slums & remote rural areas) for monthly expenses

Join us. We cannot afford to not help any more. So join us in saving the millions on the brink of getting lost in this crisis. Your contribution, of any amount, will be transferred directly to the needy’s bank accounts so that they can access what they lack, with dignity.

For those without access to a bank account, we are supporting through credible local community organisations. This is a long haul, so donate generously – consider every restaurant meal, parlor visit and movie show that you would save on during lock-down.

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